Counting from ninety-one to one hundred word search game

Counting 91 to 100

One great characteristic of kids is their curiosity about the world. They want to make sense of all that is around them. A huge factor in understanding our world is quantifying things. It is common knowledge that quantifying things is an important part of our daily lives. Hence it is important for kids to have a good foundation for counting. For young learners, it is not always easy to count from one to a hundred. When it comes to counting from ninety and above, more often than not it becomes much of a struggle already for them. As educators, it is then important to make sure that teaching counting from ninety-one to hundred is fun and interesting. What better way to do this than to include games in study sessions? It is every kid’s cup of tea. They will be happy to find words from the puzzle. It will also enhance their word recognition skills and patience. This game has no time limit so the kids can play it without much time pressure. However, when you feel that the child is ready to take a speed challenge on this skill, then you may consider self-timing.