Counting from eighty-one to ninety word search game

Counting 81 to 90

Counting is an important part of basic education as it associates the meaning attached to concepts and ideas through which other number of concepts are based. This is an essential skill in a young learner’s education as it grounds their foundation for the math subject. Therefore, it is necessary to make learning as creative and as efficient as possible. There is more to learning than just the four corners of a classroom. Since children are fond of games, educators and parents can use this to their advantage and include games into their study sessions. The game is straight-forward and simple. The player needs to look for the words indicated in the box on the right side of the screen. Once words are found, just click on the starting letter and click again on the ending letter. The game will then signal if the answer is correct with a strikethrough line through the given word. The game will end if all 10 words are found. This game is great for developing a child’s word recognition skills, thus promoting hand-eye coordination as well.