Counting from seventy-one to eighty word search game

Counting 71 to 80

Contrary to popular belief, word cross puzzles are not only for English subjects. These games can also be great for learning math, that is, for learning how to count. Word cross puzzles help improve the spelling abilities of the child. Moreover, these puzzles are fun and exciting, perfect for young learners. It boosts memory and word recognition skills. Word search games are brain-teasers that will be beneficial for one’s learning. Aside from giving your problem-solving and spelling skills a boost, it also improves language learning. It hits two birds with one stone! This game is both fun and educational. It is practicing counting without it feeling like a chore. Since this game is colorful and uses child-friendly graphics and animations, it will definitely catch young learners’ attention. In the process of playing the game, they would have to find a set of words indicated in the box on the right side of the screen. There are a total of 10 words to find (seventy-one to eighty). The player just needs to tap the first letter and end letter of the word and the game will automatically create a strikethrough on the screen indicating that the answer is correct.