Counting sixty-one to seventy word search game

Counting 61 to 70

Puzzles have many benefits for early childhood development. It will help your child cognitively, emotionally, and physically. For instance, it helps young learners to have an understanding of the surrounding world and it helps them improve their problem solving and memory. Aside from that, it enables them to set a goal and to have patience. These values are integral parts of education, too. When teaching our kids counting from sixty-one to seventy, it must be in a fun and creative way. Kids are visual learners and they need visually stimulating learning materials. Consider e-learning games such as crossword puzzles like this game. This game is pretty simple. The player needs to look for the words indicated in the list on the right side of the screen. These words are numbers sixty-one to seventy in their correct spellings. There is no time limit to this so the players can always play within their own pace. However, if you want to add more challenges into the game then you can time yourself. You also opt to play again to practice more!