Counting fifty-one to sixty word search game

Counting 51 to 60

Puzzles are beneficial not only for adults but also for kids. In fact, it helps with brain function and improves kids’ understanding of basic concepts and skills. By instilling into their minds that each piece is an integral part of a bigger picture, it can teach them concentration, goal setting, patience, and even a sense of achievement. Besides that, puzzles improve hand-eye coordination. When a puzzle is solved alongside friends, classmates, or family members, it also develops a sense of teamwork for the child. Aside from that, the child knows that there only one way to complete a puzzle and that it has no shortcut. In this virtual word search puzzle, young learners are to find numbers from fifty-one to sixty. They need to find it within the box full of letters. It can definitely train them to be observant and it can also improve their spelling which is an essential skill for the future. There are hints or list of the words to find and the player can always reset or click “solve” once they want to give up solving. Once the player finds all the numbers from the box, they have completed the puzzle.