Counting from Twenty-one to Thirty word search game

Counting 21 to 30

Looking for a puzzle game that’s both fun and educational for your children? Then this word search puzzle is for you. The game is simple. Look for the words indicated in the box on the right. Once you find them, just click on the starting letter and click again on the ending letter. The game will then signal if the answer is correct with a strikethrough line through the given word. It will end if all given words are found. This game is very helpful for developing a child’s word recognition. It encourages them to look for the right spelling of words, which, in turn, teaches them to build working memory. It also helps in broadening their vocabulary and exposing them to new words. This puzzle will motivate your child to work faster, and improve their ability to process words; hence, they will be able to arrive at the answer quickly. It not only helps with the child’s literacy but also with their quick thinking, which is needed for tasks such as, mental math. So, give this game a try and help your children learn now!