Counting from Eleven to Twenty word search game

Counting 11 to 20

This word cross puzzle will definitely catch the attention of children primarily from grades 1 to 6 because of its fun and educational features. Just by searching for a word hidden in the puzzle, players are learning to spell. It also increases their ability to concentrate and arrive at a correct answer faster. Once the player clicks on the play button, the puzzle will appear on the screen. The game provides a list of words that they should look for in the puzzle. It serves as their guide all throughout the game. Once they have found the names, a checkmark will be seen on each of the numbers in the list. There is a solve button below which they can click to highlight the words that are hidden in the puzzle. Once they finish looking for all the hidden words, there is a restart button below that will automatically rearrange the letters and words in the puzzle. You can rest assured that the players of this word search puzzle will be stimulated by the game’s simple and uncomplicated rules and design. Enjoy learning!