Counting from One to Ten word search game

Counting 1 to 10

Just like the classic word search puzzle we know, but simpler and fun! This game will definitely help in improving the children’s ability to spell the numbers one to ten. It can also enhance their processing speed so they can arrive at the right answer faster. Aside from its educational purpose, the player will absolutely love the soft-hued colors that are used in the game as well as its simple and undemanding rules. Once the player clicks on the play button, the word puzzle will appear on the screen. The puzzle is composed of letters that are placed in grids, and it is the player’s goal to find the words hidden inside it. As a guide, the hidden words are listed on the right side of the screen. The words inside the puzzle may be placed either horizontally or vertically. After finding a hidden word, he must click on its first and last letter. Once he completes the goal of the game, he can click on the reset button below so the letters in the puzzle would be rearranged. There is also a solve button that the player can click on if he ever chooses to give up and know where exactly the hidden words are.