How to Effectively Social Distance on Schools?

As a part of the guidelines set by the government to help stop the spread of COVID-19, wearing face masks and face shields became mandatory. Aside from this, strict physical distancing guidelines are also in public transportations, malls, in the market, and in places where the public usually gathers. Today, students are attending classes online, but what would happen once the face to face classes become useful once again? Today, you will look into how to effectively social distance on schools.

Shifting schedules

Shifting in schedules is that one-way schools can explore to implement social distancing in the classroom effectively. For instance, half of the class will go to school and attend a face to face class on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, while the other half attends their classes online. Then, on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, the second half of the class can attend a face to face class while the first half attends the rest of their classes online. There can be two sets of teachers who will oversee teaching the two batches, and their schedule would follow that of their students. With this, both students and teachers can help practice the proper social distancing guidelines by limiting howmany students will need to attend face-to-face classes.

Give the students an option

Another strategy schools can opt for is giving the students an option to attend their classes onsite or online. With this, those who cannot afford to continue with the online learning set up can participate in a face-to-face class. In contrast, those who want to continue learning from home can havea chance to do so (at least until mass gathering becomes safe, and there is already a vaccine that is ready for consumption).

Set the environment

The school can also set an environment wherein students will have no other choice but to comply with the social distancing guidelines strictly. For instance, set the tables and chairs in the library or the cafeteria meters apart not to get together to chat during lunch break or their free time. Also, the schools can set glass barriers between chairs and tables to create a distance between the students truly.


The social distancing guidelines protect the people from contracting the deadly virus, especially during these times when a vaccine is not yet available in the market. Following these protocols can help ensure that everyone, especially the children, can slowly transition in getting back to "normal" gradually and without having to jump to it all at once. Slowly but surely - that is what everyone must remember. If the virus prevails and a vaccine is not yet ready, all the people can do is to follow the protocols and slowly make the transition into the "new normal" way of living.