Subtraction 3 digits pirate kings game

Subtraction 3 digits

Shiver me timbers! We’ve been tailed by a scary pirate and they want to see our ship blow down to the kraken’s lair. Well, we’re not going to let them do that to us. It’ll be a daunting task to strike their colors, but solving equations on this pirate kings game on subtraction 3 digits will defend our ship from raiding pirates. There will be no surrendering from us. We don’t want to walk their planks and become fish food to the kraken. So, how do we go from here? Let’s take all values and line them up in columns. For example, 498 minus 231 is 267. Likewise, 894 – 572 is 322. We’ll line the numbers up and tackle the digits from right to left. By, solving the numbers easily while breaking them down, we get to arrive to the correct answer. Do you know what that means? It’s time to load the canons and reinforce our ship’s defenses against our opponents! We’ll show them that winds are on our side and we’ll bow down to no sea invaders.