Subtraction 2 digits pirate kings game

Subtraction 2 digits

All hands on deck! There’s a ship on the horizon and they’re no means friendly – they want our treasures. To protect our loot from other pirates, we must play this game on pirate kings game on subtraction 2 digits. Get your hands on our sails and work around your new sea legs. Lose and you might get a peg leg! Living the life of a swashbuckler, you need to learn how to subtract two-digit numbers. Don’t give us that hang on the jib and frowns. Lighten up because we’re going to win this sea battle. Let’s turn the tides with our knowledge on subtraction facts. What’s 22 – 11? Or, 36 – 18? Captain, oh my, captain! Let’s answer fast or our opponent will sink our ship down to Davy Jones Locker! Call the helmsman and sway our ships right to the correct answer. When subtracting two digit numbers, we have to align the values in a column and solve the numbers from right to left. Assess your child’s math skills with a fun and engaging game to hone their arithmetic. If you’re a teacher, you can use this game to catch the attention of your students to learn about math. Hey, who says math is boring? It’s an adventure waiting to be explored.