Subtract up to twenty pirate kings game

Subtract up to twenty

Shiver me timbers! We’ve been chased by privateers. There’s only one way to lead them off of our trails: play pirate kings game on subtract up to twenty. Now, take your sealegs with you and solve some math equations before taking a caulk. Hoist your subtraction facts because we don’t want to end up getting scuttled with their subtraction questions. “What’s 15 – 9? What about 17 – 9?” Well, they better know that we’ve mastered our subtraction skills, so, the answers are 6 and 8 respectively! We can load our cannons and reinforce our ship’s defense by running their broadside. Ha! Surrender now, you, fiends. We’re good in math! We’re old seadogs singing shanties of old. We’ve been through different math subtraction facts before, and we’ll take you down to Davy Jones Locker. Call your friends and invite them for a fun game or two. We’re pretty sure they’ll be glued to this fun and engaging game. Not only this will amuse them, but, they get to learn subtraction facts as well. Now, offer these children some cookies and a chocolate clap of thunder while they’re learning arithmetic equations. It’s so fun that even mommies and daddies are joining the game with their little tykes!