Spelling Numbers to 20 pirate kings game

Spelling Numbers to 20

Ahoy, friends! Are you looking forward to your new adventures on seas? Buckle up those sealegs as we embark on this pirate kings game on spellings 1 to 20. Heave ho as this ship will take us to mysterious passages and sea creatures looking for our plight. By helming our vessel in shipshape, we’ll be a-okay. On our way to the Tooth Mountain Ranges, we’ve come under attack by a pirate who wants to steal our treasures! How do you respond to this, captain? Let’s recall our spelling skills for numbers below twenty and we can load our defenses properly. What is eleven? What about fifteen or thirteen? The answers to that are 11, 15, and 13 respectively. Okay, what about 12, 17, and 20? In word form, those numbers are written as twelve, seventeen, and twenty! By associating numbers and their written form, kids get an understanding how numbers are spelled correctly in real-life scenarios. Perhaps they were going to the bank and the tellers asked them to spell numbers. Without it, they can’t get their hands on these shiny doubloons!