Spelling Numbers above 20 pirate kings game

Spelling Numbers above 20

As pirates, we need to have keen sense of our numbers to navigate the globe for some treasures! Well, shiver me timbers! Let’s learn from this pirate kings game on spelling numbers > 20. We aren’t scallywags and scurvy dogs that simply loot other treasures. We strategize and learn our arithmetic skills to conquer the seven seas. So, what is forty-two in its numeral form? How about thirty-seven or fifty-six? Well, the answers are 42, 37, and 56 respectively!By associating the numbers to their written form, you can tackle any opponent that wants you down on Davy Jones Locker. Well, you won’t make it easier for them since you’ve mastered your spelling skills! You won’t become sharkbait to the briney deep. Avast ye, hearties! Let’s show these pirates what we’re made of. Fire in the hole and hit their broadside. We won’t be prey to the ocean’s plight. Well, ain’t that fun? You can imagine your kids wanting to play this pirate game with their friends! And, why not? The more, the merrier when it comes to learning math facts!