Roman Numerals pirate kings game

Roman Numerals

Have you a treasure map for gold doubloons? If you do, you’ll see a bunch of Roman numeral symbols on dates, names, and timeworks. But, what does it mean? This pirate kings game on Roman Numerals lets you decipher these cryptic symbols! Maybe they’re answers to the treasure hunt? Let’s see, what is XII in Mary de Vante name? It’s 12! Or, how about time stamped here at IV? Oh, it’s 4 o’clock! Then the treasure map says to read Chapter XVI of the book to know the longitude and latitude of the treasure. XVI means 16! You got it! Now, that you know what the Roman Numerals are, you’ll get your hands to the treasure chest! Uh-oh! It seems like you’re not the only looking for some buried treasure. These pirate goons are tailing you to give the Roman numeral symbols for the gold as well. No chance! Battle your way out of this level by answering the equations correctly. Don’t let them sink your ship – only you can decipher what Roman numerals are!