Prime composite numbers pirate kings game

Prime composite numbers

Blimey! What are prime and composite numbers? We don’t want to get keelhauled by not knowing the solutions to these equations. On this pirate kings game on prime composite numbers, you are tasked to guess which numbers are prime and composite values. If you don’t want the other pirate to feed you the fish, answer the riddles correctly and jumpstart your own canons! Prime numbers are values that can be divided by two numbers only: 1 and the number itself. Meanwhile, composite numbers are values that can be divided by several numbers. Savvy, mate? For example, is 37 a prime or composite number? It looks like 37 can’t be divided by anything else except by 1 and 37. So, that’s an example of a prime number. How about 44? Let’s see. The number can be divided by 1, 2, 4, 11, and 44. It’s a composite number! Show them scurvy dogs that you’ve mastered your prime and composite numbers. Those black jack freebooters won’t scare you with their math equations. Don’t let them go near over your coffer of treasure!