Multiply by single digits pirate kings game

Multiply by single digits

While on our way to Tortuga to find some new math equations, we’ve been held locked by the infamous pirate, Captain Multiplication! We’ll give him none of our quarters on this pirate kings on multiply by single digits. That means we have to prepare for a multiplication battle. But, what’s this? Captain Multiplication said that if we answer him correctly, he’ll let us go. Alright, me lads and lassies! Let’s study our basic multiplication facts and avoid being targeted by Captain Multiplication and his scurvy crew. What’s 3 x 3? How about 4 x 4? What about 5 x 5? If we can see on our multiplication tables, the answers are 9, 16, and 25 respectively. Ha! Take that Captain Multiplication! Now, leave us be as we’re on our way to Tortuga. Well, isn’t that fun? As pirates and masters of the math sea, there will be more adventures to come. For now, we can sail safely to our destination and savor the breeze of the ocean. There will be more of Captain Multiplication and his older brothers soon, but right now, take a caulk on deck. Play this game on multiplayer mode and see how your friends will fare on their sea adventures.