Multiply by 5 digits pirate kings game

Multiply by 5 digits

Blimey! Have we been turned by Davy Jones and are tasked to solve 5-digit numbers? Well, we’re no lily-livered lads and lassies! We can take down Davy Jones on this pirate kings game on multiply by 5 digits. That’s right, he thinks he’s running a rig on us, but we’re smarter than him. We can solve these multiplication equations by ourselves. First, we need to strategize on how to take down Davy Jones multiplication sets. We do this by lining the values in a column and multiplying the numbers one-by-one. When we get the answer right, we’ll load the canon and show Davy Jones that we’re not afraid of large numbers to calculate. Take heart, my mates! Why don’t we call on our pirate friends to help us solve these equations also? There’s strength in numbers! What is 82,350 multiplies by 30? It’s 2, 470, 500! What about 36, 987 by 50? The answer to that is 1, 849, 350. Well, shiver me timbers! You got it! Now, be away Davy Jones! You won’t get us good pirates of the sea. You can’t just run a rig or hornswaggle smart pirate crews over your multiplication facts. Now, onwards to Fiji!