Multiplication by 10 pirate kings game

Multiplication by 10

Do you have a map to Treasure Island? We heard that there are a lot of bounty arithmetic skills to learn from. But, what’s this? We’ve been chased by a crew of pirates wanting the treasure for themselves! Oh no, you don’t’. On this pirate kings game on multiplication to 10, we’ll multiply our equations correctly to protect our treasure map! Let’s defend our ship with our greatest weapon: our sharpened multiplication skills. Let’s answer the questions correctly before working our canons. What is 60 x 3? It’s 180! What about 200 x 10? It’s 2,000! Alright, multiply 60 x 9, you get 540! Well sink my heart, lads and lassies! You get all answers correctly. Now, let’s continue solving equations to fend off our opponents. Did you have fun? Trust us, multiplication games help us downsize our fears and anxiety when solving complex equations. If turn our math problems into something fun, we’ll be tackling them with excitement as well. These games will take you on to more adventures ahead, so, sharpen your facts to dominate the seven seas! Whether you're Sinbad or Captain James Hook, we’re pretty sure you’ll win them all.