Division pirate kings game


Divide and conquer, lads and lassies! We’ll show other pirates how to defend our ship in this pirate kings game on division. We’ll use our knowledge on division to triumph over the high seas! We have 88 crewmates on this ship. We need to divide ourselves into 11 teams. How many members are in each team? Hurry, mates! Our opponent’s cogs are nearing into completion. We’ll be blasted to smithereens if we won’t take action. The answer is 8, hearties! Now, run our canons on the broadside of our opponent’s ship. We’ll have to go through different levels of division sets before we can get the kraken to sink down their ship. If our scores are much higher than theirs, we win this round. Man-o-war! Man-o-war! Invite your friends for a friendly game on pirates and see who gets to dominate division equations and become the scourge of the seven seas! Will you be Captain John Silver or Blackbeard? No matter who, heave ho, my hearties, and let’s win this round. Parents and teacher would twinkle their eyes when they see kids playing game over division homework. It’s even a good strategy to overcome their fears and anxiety over math problems. Throw in some fun games on math and kids will be hooked up to learn all about division.