Adding zero pirate kings game

Addition 3 digit numbers

I spy with my eyeglass that a pirate ship is looking for our booty! Quick, all hands on deck. Run a shot across the bow and load your minds with math skills on this pirate kings game on adding zero. Get your cogs working when asked, “What is 5 + 0?” or “What is 7 + 0?” Old salt sailors know that when numbers are added to zero, they retain to its original value. So, what’s the answer? It’s 5 and 7 respectively! Alright, lads and lassies, if we’re going to do this right, we’re going to earn us dome doubloons and treasures from our opponent’s ship. True buccaneers never surrender from a math equation. So, are you ready to blow our minds with your addition abilities? Get your family and friends to play this game with you. Our Pirate Kings is best for multiplayers looking to challenge a friend or two. Whoever has the highest score gets to sink their opponent’s ship down the waters. Whether you’ll save remaining pirates on board or let them walk the plank as sharkbaits, this game will surely get your kids to fits of giggles. So, hoist your colors and let your bright math skills lead you to victory!