Adding doubles pirate kings game

Adding doubles

Yo-ho-ho! Weigh the anchor and get our ship sailing. But, what’s this? Another ship is prowling the seas looking for a competition. Well, we’re not going to back down on this pirate kings game on adding doubles. We’re going strike our opponent’s colors twice to show them who rule the sea! We need everything to be shipshape if we don’t want to become sharkbait to the sea creatures below. And, how we’re going to plan that to happen? Add number doubles correctly and we get to unload our cannons the take down them scurvy dogs! A real pirate knows grit and determination to win this round. “What’s 8 + 8? It’s 16. But, what about 5 + 5? It’s 10!” Go, go, go and scuttle our opponent’s ship! This game is ideal for multiplayers as they challenge their wits on math doubles. Get your shape ready for a man-o-war by solving the equations. The winner in the battle gets to keep their ship afloat while the team with the lowest score will have their ship sink on the bottom of the sea. So, take cover and answer correctly. Tell your mates to fire in the hole and hit your opponent’s broadside to win the game.