Addition 3 digit numbers pirate kings game

Addition 3 digit numbers

"Avast, ye! Sail ho – sail ho!" There’s another ship in view and they’re to challenge your math skills with our pirate kings game on addition 3 digit numbers. But, don’t hang the jib just as of yet! While these numbers may look intimidating, we’re going to use our wits to answer correctly. Let’s start by doing it one-by-one. Let’s line our numbers in columns and add them from right to left. So, when you see a number like 678 + 396, the answer is 1,074! Now, heave ho and answer more equations correctly to fire our cannons on the battling ship. You don’t want to see your ship being sunk on the waters to be devoured by the kraken, yeah? Bring a spring upon your ship as we’re being chased by other pirate ships. Let’s protect our booty with our knowledge for math. Batten the hatches as we prepare for the battle of arithmetic. All lads and lassies, sharpen your cutlass addition skills and face our opponents. Don’t be scared, though. It’s just numbers! Hoist our colors and show our friends that we’re ready to tackle bigger numbers. To our dearest teachers and parents, let math time be an adventurous time for children to seek knowledge on math concepts.