Division missing sheep game


Help Mr. Sheep get home safely by answering these equations correctly! What better way to teach a child about sharing than to familiarize them with division? Home sheep home on division game has a colorful play mode that presents division problems for practice. You can take heart in knowing that online gaming comes in handy now, with educational tools like this making things convenient-also, improving the students’ view on math. Admittedly, other topics are less tricky and more fun to study. Like prowling animals they are, math equations can be scary. The trick is to forward and tackle the problems, so you can come home safely. Even if your child is older, say in the sixth or seventh grade, they will get a kick out of this game that sharpens their skills in an enjoyable manner. You can take turns rolling the dice and see where Mr. Sheep will land onto next! Count your sheep and count your blessings if you’ve led Mr. Sheep back home safely on his barn!