Addition of zero missing sheep game


Math is not a subject considered to be the favorite of many. School children from the very first grade onwards are usually more drawn to other topics. Home sheep home game on addition of zero hopes to be a useful addition to the plethora of learning aids out there which allows you, the parent, to help your child learn their lessons in a way that is not boring. They will have to roll the die and navigate their sheep’s way by answering the questions correctly and avoiding the lion, among other animals tossed in for fun. Watch out for board tiles that lets Mr. Sheep go back two spaces or move from the start. It’ll make this sheep going home hard enough. But, it’ll be easy navigating the game since all you need to do is add numbers to zero. Now, zero in itself has no value. So, if you add a number to zero, the answer will be that number itself. Let’s say you might want to add 5 + 0. The answer is 5! Great alternative learning technique!