Spelling from 1 to 6 memory game

Spelling from 1 to 6

This is an early-stage practice game. Kids at their early levels of schooling are familiarized with numbers and their positions. Then they are made to know how to write the numbers in word format, hence requiring them to learn spellings. Spellings are English alphabets combined to form a word. Initially, they are introduced in learning numbers from 1 to 6. They are made to learn the spellings one by one. The practice is the key to learn mathematics and this same formula is applied here as well. Different games are designed in which students learn spellings while playing. These games include several types like learning through music, earning points by world spelt, by writing letters, and more. These games increase the skills in students and they gain a grip over the spellings and with time and improve their memory in all forms of spelling. Some teachers involve students in the learning process using TV screens where spellings are displayed and students say the spellings repeatedly and learn them. Other mobile game apps help students to learn through visual displays, where they count certain animals and spell numbers at the same time, for example counting 5 bears on screen and then spell the number 5 as FIVE.