Math worksheets for 1st grade students

Sorting exercise

2d and 3d shapes sorting exercise

Addition of 3

Adding three numbers with carrying

Addition 1 to 10

Addition 1 to 10 with rockets

Addition and subtraction

Addition and subtraction fish bowl game

Addition and subtraction

Addition and subtraction with dinos

Addition christmas

Addition christmas tree exercise

Addition christmas

Addition christmas tree sums

Addition color

Addition color mixing magic

Missing numbers

Addition exercise with missing numbers

Logic problems

Addition logic problems with fruits

Addition of fractions

Addition of fractions illustrated with pictures

Word problems

Addition subtraction word problems


Addition using pictures

Addition drawing

Addition while drawing missing dots

Addition with fruits

Addition with fruits and points

Sea shells

Addition with sams sea shells

Addition sea shells

Addition with sea shells

Word problems

Addition word problems basic

Bar graph ice cream

Bar graph activities using ice cream

Bar graphs

Bar graphs

First bar graphs

First bar graphs

Coloring and drawing

Coloring and drawing shapes

Hidden shapes

Coloring hidden shapes

Compare lengths

Compare lengths long longer ongest

Comparison exercise

Comparison exercise for kids


Comparison more or less

Greater than

Comparisons greater than less than

Large and small

Comparisons large and small fish

Comparison fish

Comparison with small and big fish

Counting and adding

Counting and adding cats and dogs

Counting dinosaurs

Counting dinosaurs activity

Christmas exercise

Counting in christmas exercise

Counting objects

Counting objects with squirrels

Counting pattern

Counting pattern with missing numbers

Counting word

Counting word problems

Graphs with candies

Draw linear and dot graphs with candies

Sorting activity

Flat shapes and solid shapes sorting activity


Fractions and angles exercise

Learn comparisons

Learn comparisons more or less while coloring apples

Comparing lengths

Long longer longest comparing lengths

Math logic

Math logic with snakes and colors

Time and clocks

Math logic with time and clocks

Halloween activity

Mixed operations halloween activity

Mixed operations

Mixed operations with PEMDAS

Money word

Money word percentages problems


Multiplication 1 to 10 adventure

Multiplication rockets

Multiplication 1 to 10 with rockets

Colored numbers

Multiplication sheet 1 to ten colored numbers

Ice cream cones

Multiplication with ice cream cones

Number lines

Number lines counting to 100

Lines to plot

Number lines to plot

Number patterns

Number patterns

Number values

Number values and coloring exercise

Order of operations

Order of operations challenge

Astronaut theme

Order of operations with astronaut theme


Perimeter and area of squares with fun cats

Place value

Place value

Standard form

Place value expanded and standard form

Tens and ones

Place value tens and ones

Before and after

Position of numbers before and after activity

Linear equations

Place value

Read bar graphs

Read bar graphs with movie theme

Rounding up

Rounding up money values

Rounding prices

Shopping and rounding prices to the nearest tenth

Rounding up money

Shopping and rounding up money values

Skip counting

Skip counting and number patterns

Counting in twos

Skip counting in twos

Skip counting 2-5

Skip counting in twos threes fives

Snacks and bar

Snacks and bar graphs data exercise

Solve addition

Solve addition problems while coloring turtles

Problems with pictures

Solve addition problems with pictures of dice

Sorting and finding

Sorting and finding the out element

Subtract and fill

Subtract and fill numbers in spaces



Burgers and hotdogs

Subtraction using burgers and hotdogs

Sudoku math

Sudoku math puzzle

Telling time 15

Telling time 15 minutes past

Telling time 30

Telling time 30 minutes past

Telling time minutes

Telling time minutes past

Electronic and analogue

Telling time on electronic and analogue clocks

Telling time hours

Telling time to hours

Hands of a clock

Telling time while drawing hands of a clock

Time table

Time table for referencing

Two digit addition

Two digit addition worksheet

Are you a teacher in search of free resources for use in your 1st grade math class? Are you a parent looking out for the best test sheets to supplement your child’s regular class? Look no further; this page has put together a great collection of math worksheets for 1st grade students. Each worksheet is a pdf download covering a specific first grade math topic. There are answer keys available in cases where the exercises are harder to solve. To use these worksheets, simply click on the download button and download the desired exercise. Once it is downloaded, open and print it out. Give these sheets for your children to practice. Each sheet has instructions and spaces where children can fill out their answers and their names. Teachers can correct scripts and write the score right at the top. These worksheets cover several grade 2 math topics as follows: addition, subtraction, logic and word problems, graphs, money, telling time, spatial sense, tables and data, counting and spelling numbers, fractions, etc.