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Subtraction up to 20 pirate game

As we enjoy the golden age of technology, teaching Mathematics to children can now also be supplemented with some materials and resources which you can access online for free! One of the online games you can use to teach kids the essential topics is the Math Pirate Minecraft Pirate Ship Games! This game can be for kids as young askindergarten, to as old as7th grade! You can locate a wide variety of games here, which differ in the level of difficulty. For instance, you can teach 1st grade, 2ndgrade, and 3rdgrade topics by giving them games related to Mathematical Operations. You can also teach Prime and Composite numbers to those in 4thgrade and 5thgrade by giving them a pirate-themed game that can also be between two individuals or teams! These games not only help them understand Mathematics better but can also teach them how to be a good sport and help them learn how to be a team player! Those in 6th grade can also play these games so that their Mathematical skills can improve as they prepare to enter Highschool. Mathematics has always been viewed as a subject that is complicated, boring, and only for the “geeks” to enjoy. However, you can help kids understand each topic smoothly, using something enjoyable,with games. You can also train future leaders if you let them compete in teams and teach them how to be a good team player. By integrating games in each topic, the kids will not even notice that they are putting in the effort to understand the lessons deeply because they are focused on one thing - winning against their opponents. You can also make each game more enjoyable by giving away prizes to the winners and even to those who did not win too for putting in the effort. You can have two sets of rewards and let the winner’s team pick what they want to have as their prize and give the other set left to the team who did not win so that at the end of the day, everyone will still have a reward for doing a great job in their Math lessons.