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Studying Mathematics can be fun if you teach it in ways wherein kids from prekindergarten, kindergarten, the 1st grade, and even 7th grade would find it enjoyable! Of course, you would have to lay the foundation for each topic first. For instance, you can teach them about the basic Mathematical operations if they are in the 2nd grade,with difficulty increasing as they step to the 3rd grade. You can also discuss with them all about fractions as they reach the 4th grade and gradually increase the exercises’ level of difficulty as they advance to the 5th grade. And, as they step foot into the 6th grade, you must teach them the foundation of all the Mathematical lessons they will be learning in Highschool. Doing all these might be overwhelming for you and require a lot of your effort and patience, but you can make the learning process easy for you and the kids by integrating fun activities and games in every lesson you will be teaching! Aside from the usual pen and paper exercises, you can also impart each topic to them by using some Math Jungle Board Games Online. With online games, you will surely pique their interest, and this can even make them more motivated to learn each topic so that they can perform well and win the games! To make it more fun and challenging, you can also give them rewards if they meet the target grades you have set for them each week. For instance, you can set a specific number of points, and if they reach it, you may give them a toy, a cookie, or anything you know that would motivate them to work hard and exert more effort in understanding each lesson. If, by any chance, they are finding difficulty doing so, all you must do is give them another set of exercises because learning Mathematics is all about constant practice. Explain to them the mistakes they make in their work, and provide them with a bunch of activities, which is almost the same as the previous ones you gave them so that you can monitor if they are making progress on each topic or not.