How to Help Kids on Video Calls

As everyone slowly adapts to the changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, the people had to change their way of living: from the way they ride in public transportations, the way they eat in restaurants, to the way their children continued in their education. The regular face-to-face classes the children got used to now flipped with their teachers talking from the other side of the computer screen. College students have no difficulty operating these websites and applications used in online classes, but what about the kids who have no sufficient knowledge of how to use these video conferencing apps? In today's article, you will be gaining insight on how to help kids on video calls. Continue reading and find out how you can help them understand this process better!

Give Them A Walkthrough

For starters, you need to give the kids a walkthrough of the website or the video conferencing app they need to use for their online classes. Start by showing them how to launch the app or go to the application, for instance, Zoom. Show them where they can locate the application on your laptop, tablet, or phone. Then, teach them how to enter the meeting code and the password (if any). Afterward, teach them how the "mute" and "unmute" button works. The same goes for the procedure in launching a Google Meeting.

Supervise Them

Supervise them on their first few days of attending classes. You can talk them through each step as they do it themselves, and you can be there while they have their online classes. Do this for the next few days until they can finally do it on their own.

Teach Them the Proper Courtesy

After they have learned how to launch these websites and use the video, you should also teach your child how to extend the proper courtesy to their teacher and classmates. Remind them to mute their microphone whenever the teacher speaks and simply unmute it if they need to answer or ask a question.

Avoid Creating Distractions

Teach your child not to "make a face" or to "butt in" while the teacher is discussing the lesson. Also, let them wear appropriate clothes for school and not let them wear pajamas or spaghetti strapped clothes when attending their online classes. Ensure that their background is not distracting and that their set-up will be in a well-lit and quiet place.


Your child needs your guidance in this massive transition from face to face learning to online classes. Children are used to going to the classroom and playing with their friends and other classmates, so it might difficultto stay put while the teacher is conducting the lesson only. They might also find it amusing when they see their other classmates on camera and might forget that they are attending their classes, which is why your supervision is essential. Continuously guide them until they become used to this "new normal" mode of conducting classes so that it is easier for them to go with this transition smoothly.