Free Online Math Games, Quizzes & Puzzles for kinder - 7th Grade

This page is a list of links to different levels of math. Each thumbnail links to an exhaustive list of games for the specified grade. Children will have access to an unlimited amount of math games, quizzes and puzzles. Each game is an interactive elearning quiz that tracks the performance of learners and provides feedback instantly as players come to the end. These games are suitable classroom practice resources which teachers can use to add the excitement of their math class. Parents can also use these alongside the regular math curriculum. All games are freely available online and can be added into groups in Google classroom. Remember to share on social media.

Pre-k Math Games

A collection of preschool math games which parents can use to homeschool their kids. It features pre-k math topics and the aim is to teach children basics of counting, number recognition, shapes and more. Click the "play" button to access all games.

Kindergarten Math Games

Interactive online mathgames4kids featuring topics like: addition, shapes, numbers and counting, telling time, spatial sense, subtraction, probability, patterns, addition, data and graphs, and more. Click on the link below to discover all the games in this level.

1st Grade Math Games

In first grade, children take learning math to the next level. They are exposed to new concepts and at this level there are activities on logic and word problems in which children need to apply concepts learned in a logical way. Practice with a collection of free math games.

2nd Grade Math Games

Interactive elearning math games for classrooms and homeschooling. This link takes you to a page that contains a collection of games which teachers and parents love using to teach their kids. It covers varied topics of grade 2 math in a fun way. Check them out.

3rd Grade Math Games

Third grade mathematics games for review of varied third grade math concepts. Children will review addition and subtraction word problems, fractions, division, patterns, probability, bar graphs and more. These games are free, click to discover all games.

4th Grade Math Games

At this level students discover math concepts that were not taught in the previous grades. This page features games covering topics on: decimals, multiplication, logic, money and shopping, coordinate geometry, pre-algebra, financial literacy, fractions and more.

5th Grade Math Games

Check out a collection of math games that cover similar topics learned in earlier grades in addition to topics like: mixed-operations, coordinate geometry, percentage, simple interest, ratios, statistics and data interpretation, logic, word problems and more.

6th Grade Math Games

Interactive online math tests with varied fun games for grade 6. Featuring are memory games, war zone games, jungle board games, snakes and ladders games, car race games, basketball games, math word search puzzles, dino games and more. Check it out.

7h Grade Math Games

Featuring are memory games, war zone games, jungle board games, snakes and ladders games, car race games, basketball games, math word search puzzles, dino games and more. Check it out.

Jungle board games

Help a girl go through the jungle to her grandma's home safely by solving problems.

Pirate games

Avoid being killed by an opponent in a battle at sea. Answer as many questions as possible.

Zombie board games

Zombie board game featuring angry zombies ready to prevent you from getting to the final spot.

Dinosaur board games

Fun board game on a dinosaur theme featuring math problems to solve. Start by rolling a dice.

Snakes and ladders

Have fun playing a board game that features snakes as obstacles and ladders and boosts to players.

Pirate kings games

Interactive board game that features pirates and a treasure island. The goal is to arrive at the island before the pirates.

Wheel spin games

Try your luck spinning wheels and winning points. It is also about solving problems correctly and choosing the correct answer.

Missing sheep games

Help a missing sheep find its way through a farm. The challenge is avoiding being eaten by the fox or other predators on the way.

Quiz Test Game

A fun jungle themed quiz featuring a boy who gets excited when you answer questions correctly and vice versa. Check out all games.

Catch and Match Game

The skies are full of stars and only the lucky get to see a falling star. In this game, the sky drops different numbers. Choose the correct answer.

Memory Game

Match two card from memory.

Car race Game

Car race game

War games

Games on war zone

Crocodile games

Games on crocodile

Basketball games

Basketball games

Word search games

Word search puzzle games

Various games

Various math games online