Telling time to the hour Dino Hunter game

Telling time to hour

Telling time to the hour is a fun and easy concept for children to learn. All you have to focus on at the start is the position of the numbers as well as that of the minute and hour hand. For telling time to the hour, the principle is quite simple. The minute hand must be pointing at 12:00 while the hour hand must be pointing at the exact hour. The exact hour is usually the numbers on the board. To make this game more exciting, we used fun clock faces that visually appeal to kids. This game is called the telling time to the hour dino hunter game. Children will love the excitement that it brings to the math class. The challenges are many but the opportunities are more. Opportunities for learning but also for winning the game. Given that it is a free elearning game that is always online, children can review their time reading skills at home or in school. This flexibility can also help parents to keep their kids busy at home or teachers who need to reignite the mood of a gloomy class. This game is for the following grades: preschool, kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade.