Telling time Dino Hunter game

Telling time minutes, past

Telling the time of the day is an important exercise children are taught at different levels of math. For younger learners, they are taught to tell the time on clock faces to the hour. Above kindergarten children are taught to apply notions of time in solving more complex problems. This page features a telling time dino hunter game. It is a game that requires children to look at clock faces and select the correct answer based on where the hour and minute hands are pointing to. It is a fun game filled with challenges and opportunities. The challenges are caused by the dinosaurs that are present in some positions and the opportunities are dictated by the random outcome of rolling a dice. It is also determined by your ability to read the time on clocks correctly. At the end of this game, children will learn how to tell the time on analogue clocks and also know how to read time in real life. This game can be used by educators to add the excitement in the classroom. Game based learning has shown a lot of success in different contexts and our game collection has been very useful in this regard.