Subtract with pictures Dino Hunting game

Subtraction with pictures

Learn how to subtract using the subtract with pictures dino hunting game. This game is an interactive online math game for kids to learn the basics of subtraction. The way this is done is by using pictures of objects children are familiar with. This method of using illustrations to teach has proven successful amongst kids. Children will be presented a picture that presents a subtraction scenario and asked to select the correct answer. Alongside the pictures, children can decide to use tally marks or counting aids. Some children may even decide to use their fingers. Once you find the correct answer, select it from the choices available. This game is interactive, fun and online for free. It can be accessed while learning at school or at home. It can be integrated into google classroom and other learning platforms. Have fun learning how to subtract with this online dino game for Kindergarten, 1st grade and 2nd grade.