Shapes and Geometry Dino Hunting game

Shapes and Geometry

In kindergarten and 1st grade, children are taught geometry. Here the focus is on getting students to know the names and features of basic math shapes which they also encounter in everyday life. Geometry in later stages will entail learning how to calculate the area of these shapes; but let’s leave that for later. In this exercise, children will learn through a shapes and geometry dino hunting game. The idea behind the game is to prompt players to solve as many problems correctly as possible. Once a player identifies the correct shape, they select it among the set of choices and submit. In the end, your score will reflect the number of questions that were solved correctly. Some shapes students will learn in this game include: squares, triangles, rectangles, oval, pentagon, octagon, pyramid etc. The next skill after mastering this one is to know how to relate planar shapes to 3D shapes and also how to relate all shapes to shapes of objects in real life that we use often. Keep playing this game until you master all basic shapes learned in lower level mathematics.