Fraction Using Squares Dino Hunting game

Fractions using square

This game will teach children how to represent fractions using squares. In this game students are presented a square grid which contains numbers from one to one hundred. A certain number of spaces is colored and the student is asked to find out what fraction the shaded area represents. Usually, the shaded area is a fraction of the whole, which in this case is one hundred blocks. This game is interactive and well illustrated in such a way that children learn visually on the go. It is set up as a multiple choice questions quiz with only one answer being correct. As students solve problems and choose the correct answer, they are graded automatically. In terms of the elearning game component, the exercise has a dino hunter game. It contains a boy running for safety towards a cave. If the boy is not careful, he will get attacked by dinosaurs. Being careful boils down to answering questions correctly. Have fun learning fractions with pictures of squares.