Fractions shapes dino hunter game


A fraction is a representation of a portion of an object or groups of objects. While it is simple to understand, young learners will struggle with it. However, we all encounter this concept in our daily lives. Have you ever really thought about the pieces of pizza you share with your family? or slices of a birthday cake shared amongst your friends. The two examples highlight the importance of fractions in our daily activities. Children start to understand the concept when we reference such examples. In the current case, students are taught this concept by capturing the notion with pictures that represent different values. In the current exercise, students are presented circles that are cut up into different sections. The shaded portions of these circles represent fraction values. It is presented in the form of a MCq quiz. Children have to count the total number of subsections and then count the shaded sections to find out what fraction values they represent. In the end, the value is selected from the answer options and submitted to find out if it is correct. In the end students will find out how many questions were correctly solved by looking at the accumulated score. The fraction shapes dino game hunting game is an interactive elearning game online. It is free for use in the classroom and at home for homeschooling kids. Have fun learning while playing. Math game for kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade and 3rd grade.