Counting objects dino hunter game

Counting objects

Counting is a basic math skill kids learn early on in their math career. At the start, children learn to recognize numbers, but behind those numbers there are actual values that can be counted. Children will struggle with counting at the start but with the help of counting sticks, objects and toys, you can teach them in a fun way. Going this way helps them relate the concept to everyday life events. Children need to know how to count because the concept relates to several other math concepts which children will learn subsequently like addition, subtraction and division. To make learning how to count easy, we produced a counting objects dino game which blends the fun of counting (with the aid of pictures) with an online fun game. This game can be played online everywhere and anytime for free. Also check out our games section for other games on this topic. This game is suitable for children in preschool, kindergarten and 1st grade.