Fractions decimals games

Convert fractions to decimals

This game is meant to help students review the concept of converting a value in fraction form to decimal form. Both values (decimal or fraction) are the same though expressed differently. Because of this, children may be required to convert between both forms. The current case is requiring students to convert from fractions to decimals. Given that it could get boring to only focus on solving these problems, we have made it more interesting through the medium of a dino game. This game is a board game that contains a dice to roll and questions that pop up for players to provide answers to. Providing answers means solving problems and selecting the correct answer from a set of choices. Once a student chooses the correct answer, they are prompted to roll the dice and move a number of spaces forward. Your goal for the game is to get to the final spot but the ultimate goal is to help the boy get to the final destination unhurt by the dinosaurs. The final destination is a cave. At the end of this game, children will learn the main concept of converting fractions to decimals and also have a lot of fun. This game is suitable for teaching students in 3rd to 7th grades. It is great for use in classrooms or for homeschooling.