Comparing with shapes dino hunter game

Comparing with shapes

This game is meant to teach the concept of comparison with shapes. To compare means to find out which set of objects is more or less, expressed in math as greater than or less than. It is a very simple concept but children may still struggle with it. To make it simple, we have created this dino hunting game using pictures that illustrate the concept well. Children will look at a set of two objects and choose from the choices which group of objects is greater than and which one is less than. Some groups of objects are equal to each other because on both sides the counting outcomes are the same. The dino hunting game is fun and interactive, hence students will learn on their own, selecting the correct answers as they play along. Points will be accumulated as students keep playing and answering questions correctly. Feedback will be instant that is why teachers love using these games in the classroom. Parents will also love it since children can learn on their own.