Basic Multiplication Dino Hunting game


This page features a basic multiplication dino hunting game. In this game children will learn multiplication of small numbers from one to 10. When asked to multiply, you are simply being asked to find the product of two numbers. At basic level, you can teach multiplication using tallies or counting aids. This will help to transmit knowledge of the concept in a simple way. At higher levels, students will start to solve more complex multiplication exercises which entail two digit numbers. To have the best experience using this game, it is advisable for educators to first teach the concept in class, then use worksheets to solve a good number of problems and finally play a game. The dino hunting game is a great example of a MCQ quiz game that improves the mental ability of children. This game will give you feedback and track your score until the end. Keep reviewing until the skill is fully mastered. Have fun learning multiplication online and keep reviewing until you get all questions correctly. This game is for children in 2nd grade, 3rd grade and 4th grades.