Dino Hunting Area of square Rectangle game

Area of a rectangle and square

The dino hunting game on finding the area of a square and a rectangle. In this online game, children will be required to find the area of a rectangle using the formula of length times width. This skill is applicable to many real life situations given that we have several objects in real life that have a square or rectangular shape. Most of our sports playgrounds have a square shape and students are usually asked to estimate the surface areas of such places. Additionally kids can find the area of square and rectangular toys they find around the house. To master this skill, children can review using worksheets they find on this website or directly play this game. Each problem is a MCQ quiz with only one answer option correct. When you select the correct answer, you accumulate points on the go. At the end of the game, students will find out how many points they got. This makes this game a great classroom game and a suitable revision tool for homeschooling kids. Students will find out the correct answer as they play, serving as feedback that is autogenerated. Have playing a dinosaur game while learning geometry online.