Area of Circle Dino Hunting game

Area of a circle

The dino hunting game on finding the area of a circle. To solve the problems in this elearning game, students need to understand the formula for finding the area of a circle which is Pie, times the radius squared. With this understood, the next thing is to apply the skill in solving similar problems. Students will be shown pictures of circles and the goal is to find out the area of each after which students select the correct answer among a set of choices. This interactive game is great for the classroom and for homeschool and assignments. The game is based on a story of running through a prehistoric jungle to a cave for safety. Yes, for safety because the dinosaurs on the way will kill you if you donít avoid them. Yes, but how do you avoid them? You need to roll the dice and answer all questions correctly. Once you roll the dice and know the outcome, you will be prompted to move a certain number of spaces forward. If you land on the wrong space, you get sent back a number of places and on the contrary you get a boost to move forward. Keep moving and answering questions until the boy gets into the cave safely.