Addition with pictures dino hunter game

Addition with pictures

This game is meant for students in grades kinder, 1and 3 to have fun while learning simple addition using visual items. The goal of the game is the boy should reach his home by avoiding all the dinosaurs on his way. The game consists of a theme park having dinosaurs and a dice. As the user rolls the dice the boy (character) moves forward by the number of spots on the dice. And One of the fraction problems appears. On solving it correctly, the boy stays in that position while on contrary, the wrong answer sends you back 2 places. Additionally, there are + symbols that make you take an extra step. Also, Different kinds of dinosaurs make you go back by different steps. Solving basic addition problems using objects is an essential skill all kids start off with. Although counting objects like toys is fun, it is even better when you play an online addition game. This game gives you instant feedback and you can practice anytime and anywhere. Teachers and parents will love this game. Have fun playing this dino hunting addition with pictures game.