Dino Hunting Addition of Fractions game

Addition of Fractions

This game is made for students in grades 1 to 6 to have fun while learning fractions having a common denominator. The goal of the game is to get the boy reach his home by avoiding all the dinosaurs on his way. The game consists of a theme park having dinosaurs, having different checkpoints (places), and a dice. As the user rolls the dice the boy (character) moves forward by the number of places on the dice. The next step is that one of the fraction problems appears. On solving it correctly, the boy stays in that position while on the contrary, the wrong answer sends him back 2 places. Additionally, there are + symbols that make you take an extra step. Also, Different kinds of dinosaurs make you go back by different steps. Using the dino theme and gaming while learning helps students to practice and review without getting bored. This game carries several underlying themes while keeping the focus streamlined . A variety of concepts and skills are covered, ranging from basic addition and subtraction. This game sets the basic framework for understanding more complex problems involving addition of fractions with word problems.