Adding mixed fractions dino hunter game

Addition of mixed fractions

Mixed fractions are a challenging and hard topic for students. It involves different vocabulary and concepts that are hard to grasp, especially in the early years. The only way to solve such problems is to convert whole fractions into improper fractions. Which is why it is necessary to make learning fractions much more interactive. This game is designed for students of 3rd-grade or higher. The gameplay is simple, you roll a dice, and then you are given a question related to mixed fractions. If you answer it correctly, you stay on the tile. However, if you do not, you move back to your previous position. A lot of students have a hard time while studying mixed fractions. This gives them a golden opportunity to learn, explore, and have fun while doing so. The conversion from whole fractions to improper fractions is particularly hard and then to add the two fractions after taking LCM involves a variety of mathematical techniques. Hence, the need for more interactivity and challenge is great. This game just provides exactly that.