Telling time minutes car race game

Telling time, minutes, past

How can you teach your child to tell time on minutes past? Play our car driving games on time - minutetoimprove your child’s skill in telling tricky features of analog clocks! Children find it confusing to tell time because the clock hands have two different minutes. The game consists of picture aids of where the hands go.“The shorter hand is for hours, while the longer hand is for minutes,” you say. The minute hand can be difficult for kids, so, why not explain it thatwhen the long hand goes to 1, it means 5 minutes, and 2 means 10, and so on. Encourage kids to practice regularly and have fun telling clocks by driving through the finish line in this game! If they landed 2nd to 3rd place, simply try again! The game lets you play with clock handsthat went past the 5’s. If your child is still struggling with telling time, the visualsillustrate the number of minutes ina clock for easy reference.