Subtraction with Pictures car race game

Subtraction with pictures

Subtraction is the first few math equationschildren need to learn. But, it’s hard counting backward, isn’t it?Amp up your child’s skillswith a fun sport of car driving games on subtract with pictures! Don’t overwhelm your child with subtraction drills and expect weeks of rote memorization. By adding some fun and galore, your child will strive and take the equations positively. So, how do you teach subtraction calculations, if you may ask? Visualize and strategize! This is what the game tries to achieve. By putting visuals and imagery of the equation, kids can imagine taking the numbers away easily!Now, this game is an efficient way for kids to master their subtraction facts! If there are five apples on the set and you take away two, how many apples remain? Three! And what’s more fun than refining their subtraction skills but to win the car racing game as well?