Subtraction up to 20 car race game

Subtraction of up to 20

Do you need a primer for subtracting numbers to early graders? Start small and easy with car driving games on subtraction up to 20! You don’t want to scare or overawe kids by handing them a difficult problem to solve, right? By starting small and easy, children get to recognize the patterns on deducting numbers. Let’s startwith something simple: 10-5 = 5; 17-8 = 9; and, 19-9 = 10. The number range is short and easy to memorize for early learners to become cognizant of their number literacy skills. It allows students to become flexible with mental math strategies. At such a young age, all a child wants is to enjoy playing games. But, as a parent or teacher, you also want them to learn. Supplementing their concept of fun with exciting math games can help them build their math skills.