Prime or Composite numbers car race game

Prime composite numbers

If you think about it, most games will involve failing. If this is the case, what makes games fun? It is because kids expect to fail as part of learning something and that they do not have to feel bad about it. So, what are prime and composite numbers? Prime numbers are integers that only have two factors and divisible: 1 and itself. Composite numbers, meanwhile, are integers that have two or more factors and divisible. For instance, 37 has only 1 and itself as a multiplication factor and divisible. Meanwhile, 20 is a composite number because it can be multiplied or divided by 1, 2, 4, 5, 10, and 20. Many children find it hard to tell the difference between a prime number and a composite number. Thanks to online math games, they can practice and practice until they are confident that they can differentiate between these concepts.